Project Description


This training course equips participants with a comprehensive knowledge of their duties and actions to be followed during a fire or emergency. It emphasises the danger of fire, the importance of prevention, the necessity of urgent action when fire breaks out and the role of the warden/marshal. 


On completion of this course the participants will be able to:

  • list their duties as fire wardens/fire marshals;
  • understand how fire can start and spread;
  • identify fire hazards in their workplace;
  • identify the different types of portable fire extinguishers; and
  • assist in the management of evacuation procedures and fire drills.
Course content includes:
  • introduction,
  • regulation,
  • theory of fire & fire hazards,
  • fire extinction,
  • spread of fire & smoke behaviour,
  • classification of fires,
  • portable fire extinguishers,
  • duties of fire warden/fire marshal,
  • fire drill, and
  • human factors.
Method of training involves:
  • flipchart,
  • PowerPoint Presentation,
  • videos, and
  • practical role-play relating to specific fire hazards in the workplace (chemicals, combustibles, etc.)

4.5 hours


Certification of attendance is provided on successful completion of the course.

Maximum Participants



€45 p/p

Group Discount

If you are a company, community group, crèche or an individual who can co-ordinate a group of 10 people, you can avail of a group discount.

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend, in order to secure a refund, you must notify us at least 72 hours in advance. Otherwise course fees will not be refunded but we may, at our discretion, be able to offer you a place on an alternative date.