Our Approach to Health and Safety

Welcome to Martina’s Safety and Health Services. My name is Martina Lenehan and I live in Sligo. I am a qualified occupational safety and health advisor. I completed a degree Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety and Health at I.T. Sligo. I am also a QQI registered training provider having achieved Level 6 in the National Framework of Qualifications.
My focus is on providing my clients with expertise and a professional service incorporating delivering on the specific health and safety compliance needs of the company outlined in the safety statement and risk assessments.
I firmly believe that providing safety and health awareness and training to employees, managers and company directors will lessen the likelihood of injuries and accidents in the workplace.
I am very passionate regarding my approach to training and deliver interactive, practical training as I believe this is where learning is commendable whilst participants enjoy the training.
This training method has a beneficial effect for the company including compliance with legislative requirements, a happy workforce who feel cared for which lessens the likelihood of claims, absenteeism, employee turnover and as we all know, a happy workforce is a productive workforce.
I have experience in the food industry, manufacturing, utilities (tree felling and communications), environmental assessments and construction industry. I have compiled training packages which are currently in use by national authorities.

Proactive Approach versus Reactive Approach

By implementing a safeguard after an incident occurs is a reactive approach to safety.

Company rules, policies and procedures that are followed are a proactive approach towards safety, however many of them came from a reactive position. Something bad had to happen first before many of the rules and procedures were put into place.

Some companies would rather take a reactive approach with some hazards rather than being proactive and eliminating them up front. This mindset puts everyone on-site and the company, as a whole, at risk for an incident or injury.

At Martina’s Safety and Health Services, I would like to encourage a change in this mindset through training and awareness regarding safety and health in the workplace.

Being proactive is the best way to approach safety in the workplace. Addressing and eliminating hazards before work begins should be a main goal of a company’s safety program.